Paco Interviews Lucy!

An Interview with Lucy McGuffin (In which Paco interviews Lucy …)

Paco: Woof! Let’s get down to business. How does it feel to have an entire series named after you? Do you think it’s fair that only your name is listed on the series title????

Lucy: Hi, Paco! I’ll be honest. It feels pretty good. I mean, who else would the series be named after?

Paco: I don’t know … Paco, Psychic Amateur Detective Canine series sounds like an excellent series title.

Lucy: (rolls eyes) Whatever. Look, I’m not saying I’m the  best psychic amateur detective out there. But if others are saying it, who am I to stop them?

Paco: Maybe we should move on … When did you first realize you could tell when someone is lying to you?

Lucy: My big “aha” moment came in kindergarten when I caught my childhood nemesis, Brittany Kelly, in a lie. She wasn’t my friend then, but she’s grown on me, and now, she’s my BFF.

Paco: Over our adventures, we’ve met some rather colorful characters. Who is your favorite?

Lucy: Mmm … that’s a toughie. I would have to say Jake Gitty. I first met him in Two Seances and a Funeral, and while he’s kind of rough around the edges, he does come through in a pinch. I have a strong feeling he’s going to be heavily featured in a coming book (Hint: CHOKE  AND DAGGER, Lucy McGuffin Psychic Amateur Detective book 12, coming 2025!).

Paco: Let’s not give everything away now.

Lucy: It’s my interview. I’ll do what I want. Next question, please.

Paco: Woof! What’s the most outrageous situation you’ve found yourself in?

Lucy: Oh, boy. There have been so many … I think getting my head stuck (literally) and having to be rescued by the fire department in The Great Diamond Caper would be on the top of my list.

Paco: There were squirrels involved in that incident, correct?

Lucy: Please don’t say that word.

Paco: Squirrel, squirrel, squirrel … sorry, I couldn’t help myself, I’m a dog!

Lucy: sighs

Paco: What’s your favorite case so far?

Lucy: That one is easy. It was exonerating my mother of murder in Dead and Deader.

Paco: Oh, yeah. Poor Molly. If it hadn’t been for us, she could have ended

up in the Big House. It’s a good thing you had me along to help you figure out what really happened.

Lucy:  Are you fishing for compliments?

Paco: Na, your readers know I’m the real star of the series.

Lucy: *silence*

Paco: So, what are you currently up to?

Lucy: I’m so glad you asked. Right now, Travis and I are honeymooning in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Unfortunately, we’ve stumbled across a murder. Well, you know all about it since you’re the one who found the dead body.

Paco: Ugh. Don’t remind me. It was pretty gruesome.

Lucy: Yes, but I have every faith that we’ll catch the culprit.

Paco: Definitely! We don’t want to ruin our perfect record. Let’s wrap this up with a fast round of rapid-fire questions, shall we?

Lucy: Let’s go!

Paco: Favorite TV show?

Lucy: Duh. America’s Most Vicious Criminals (I never miss it!)

Paco: Fav muffin?

Lucy: Double Chocolate chip

Paco: (stomach suddenly rumbling). Maybe we shouldn’t talk about food. Favorite day of the week?

Lucy: Sunday. It’s my only sure day off since my cafe, The Bistro by the Beach, is closed that day.

Paco: Any pets?

Lucy: *pause* Is this a trick question?

Paco: Wait … You think I’m your PET?

Lucy: Did you think I was YOUR pet?

Paco: Well ….

Lucy: I think we’re done here.


Make sure to check out Lucy and Paco’s upcoming adventure in HONEYMOON HOMICIDE HIJINKS. Coming March 9!

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